WindyNation VertaMax Solar Power Inverter

Is The WindyNation VertaMax 1500 Watt 12V Solar Power Inverter As Reliable As Advertised?

WindyNation VertaMax 1500 Watt 12V Solar Power Inverter ImgThe WindyNation VertaMax 1500 Watt 12V Solar Power Inverter is a simple device with a simple premise. It hooks up to a solar system to provide a 1500w sine wave inversion and has 3 grounded AC outlets.

It also has an LED display to show DC voltage and AC consumption in order to monitor power usage. The device is designed for all kinds of situations, such as emergency back-up power and powering RVs and boats. Does it meet user expectations?


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What benefits have buyers mentioned in their online reviews for this WindyNation Solar Inverter?

The specification for this off-grid/solar power inverter is interesting because there is a large section dedicated to the reliability and security of this product. There is the promise that it is safe for all kinds of appliances, electronic chargers and computer devices because of the different protections.

There is protection against over-voltage, low voltage, reverse polarity and short circuiting, as well as a thermal shut-down. The large number of positive reviews talking about the consistent performance of the device suggest that this is all working as planned.

WindyNation VertaMax 1500 Watt 12V Solar Power Inverter 2 ImgOne of the most noticeable things about the feedback for this machine is that so many buyers are happy and say that it powers everything. This can be a bit vague in some reviews. What this usually means its that all the basic appliances in a home, boat or RV are covered for the period of the camping trip or black out.

It has successfully run televisions, coffee makers, basic kitchen appliances and even sleep apnea machines. Some users are impressed with the way that it provides a consistent strong power source despite their expectations. Some even say it was more powerful and reliable than previous “better” models. There is a limit, however, and not all users will be so impressed.

Why have some users criticised this WindyNation VertaMax Solar Power Inverter?

There is the odd review from buyers that feel that it wasn’t quite as powerful or reliable for their needs as they had hoped. Some had further problems when they found that their battery life was depleting rapidly without any appliances plugged into the system.

Another important issue that has been mentioned is the hum that is sometimes generated. This appears to be a larger power-hungry items where the inverter is pushed to its limits. For some, this is so distracting that they couldn’t continue to use the product. For others, it soon became background noise and little more than a small inconvenience for the power supplied.

Summary: does this all mean that this VertaMax Solar Inverter is still recommendable to campers and RV users?

There may be limits to the power and potential of this device, but it needs to be reiterated that it went beyond the expectations of many users. The aim of this inverter is simple: to provide secure, reliable power to basic appliances in a camping environment or an emergency. There is a small price to pay sometimes to get that power, but most users would surely agree that the WindyNation solar inverter is a great option for a small solar system.

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