Floatron Solar Powered Natural Pool Cleaner

Can The Floatron Solar Powered Natural Pool Cleaner Really Reduce Costs And Chemicals?

Floatron Solar Powered Natural Pool Cleaner ImgKeeping an outdoor pool clean, hygienic and free from algae can be a difficult, ongoing task with a lot of expense attached but the Floatron Solar Powered Natural Pool Cleaner aims to offer a solution for buyers that takes away the need for chemical.

This gadget uses little more than a solar-powered floatation device on the surface and an alloyed electrode below to ionize the water and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. It sounds a little simplistic but highly appealing so is this alternative method worthwhile?


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What benefits have been highlighted in user reviews for this Floatron Solar Pool Cleaner?

The key selling point of this system is the ability to clean a pool in a safe, environmentally friendly way that does not pose a risk to pool users. It is labelled as a non-toxic, child-friendly item and this of course comes from the fact that it uses no chemicals and its powered by the sun.

The promise is to reduce the need to chlorinate a pool by 80%, so there is the admittance that this will not eliminate the need for chemicals entirely; however, this is a substantial drop and buyers claiming to use 25% of the chlorine they once did seem to feel that this device is living up to its purpose.

Floatron Solar Powered Natural Pool Cleaner 2 ImgThe ability to clean a pool is one thing but this odd little gadget needs some additional benefits if it is to be seen as a worthwhile purchase. One of the other talking points in the product description is that it is described as a low-maintenance system.

Also, the mineral electrode is set to last up to 3 seasons but this does very much depend on pool size – the more there is to clean the faster it will be depleted. Interestingly, some reviewers have reported using theirs for 6 years, possibly with a replacement, so there are users seeing the long terms benefits of this system.

What are the potential downsides to using this Floatron Solar Powered Natural Pool Cleaning System in your pool?

While the feedback for this product is mostly positive with the majority of buyers giving it a pretty enthusiastic review, there are some flaws that have been mentioned that are worth looking out for. The floatation device with the solar panels has sprung the odd leak, which has been easily fixed, and the chain that anchors it in place is not the must substantial or attractive piece of kit.

Looks are not the product’s strong point and there are also warning to have some patience when looking for results. Sometimes the system can be having an effect but the results are not visually clear for a few weeks.

Summary: is this Floatron Natural Pool Cleaner still an appealing option to most pool owners?

The design of this system is not perfect, not if the floatation device on the surface has sunk in some pools, but the fact that so many buyers are rating it highly and continuing to use it shows its worth. The bottom line here is that the product does what it claims; there are still users having to add a bit of chlorine to the water but not much more than anticipated and the results, ease of use and long life of the product have contributed substantially to buyers’ views. The Floatron solar pool cleaner is unusual but it fills a need with simplicity and great results and that is why it is a highly recommendable purchase.

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