Blue Wave Solar Blanket Review

Is The Blue Wave Solar Blanket for In Ground Pools More Than A Quirky Novelty Item?

Blue Wave Solar Blanket ImgThe Blue Wave Solar Blanket for in ground pools is an unusual idea that perhaps comes under that category of a clever little gadget that you did not realise you either wanted or needed until you used it. The premise is actually quite simple, lay this blanket of thermo-bubbles over your pool, preserve the temperature of the pool overnight and enjoy a warmer swim.

Of course this idea of it being clever and functional depends on buyer feedback: are users seeing the benefits of this device or is it just a bit of a silly novelty.


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What benefits have buyers noticed when testing out this Blue Wave Thermal Bubble Blanket on their pool?

Essentially what users are doing with this product is placing a blue sheet over their pool to act as a blanket and heat preserver. The blue colour, while vibrant and attractive, is not there to look pretty and actually uses its transparency to let solar rays reach the water. The promise is that the water will be 15 degrees warmer and while some buyers are not seeing changes that are quite this high, many are very impressed with these heat preserving properties.

The blanket comes in a range of sizes so buyers can pick the size that best suits their pool for maximum coverage but many users have pointed out that the larger sizes can be cut down to suit exact measurements and it seems that it pays to cut it to the optimal size because the blanket does more than simply add some heat to the water.

Blue Wave Solar Blanket 2 ImgFirstly, by adding this heated blanket on the surface, buyers have been able to raise the temperature of the water without seeing too much of it evaporating out of the pool; secondly, protection from direct sunlight means less algal build-up and less money spent on clearing up green water with chlorine.

Are there any potential issues with using this Blue Wave Solar Blanket?

The blanket is constructed from a series of little heat-retaining thermal bubbles, presumably the more bubbles the more efficient the product is. The problem is that the blue covers of these bubbles can come off and leave little blue dots across the water, leading to questions over the longevity of the blanket. The efficiency of the product also seems to decrease if the pool has a pump-based cleaning system in process because it just moves the blanket out of the way.

Summary: is this Blue Wave Solar In-ground Pool Blanket a highly recommendable gadget for your pool?

What is interesting with the feedback for this product is that this is not a silly, novelty gimmick at all and the benefits that this quirky item can bring to pool owners goes beyond the initial selling points of heating up the water. This blanket may not bring water temperatures up by as much as 15 degrees but it does a brilliant job of holding the heat and adding warmth to outdoor pools while also protecting the water from the negative effects of direct sunlight.

It is the surprises that the Blue Wave solar blanket has brought to buyers that make it such a recommendable purchase and it is worth the risk of poor durability for a few summers of hotter, cleaner water.

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