ALLPOWERS Foldable Solar Charger

Is The ALLPOWERS Foldable Solar Charger As Reliable As Campers Hope For?

ALLPOWERS Foldable Solar Charger ImgThere are lots of interesting sales claims with the ALLPOWERS Foldable Solar Charger that are designed to bring in the keen camper with lots of electronic equipment to charge.

The specification talks about the fast iSolar charging technology and helpful parts. Does this product do enough to keep campers happy or is it a bit too basic?


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What benefits have been highlighted in online testimonials for this ALLPOWERS Solar Panel Charger?

The product comes with the promise of a fast reliable charge and this can be achieved in the right conditions. The device comes with a series of laptop connectors and a Micro USB cable which means that it is more than just a laptop charger. Users have been able to charge their cameras and phones with relative speed and say that it provides a simple function for basic needs.

The panels are also designed to be tough enough to be left out in the elements on camping trips and portable enough to be carried around. This is due to the use of the anti-scratch surface on the PET panels and the folding frame.

ALLPOWERS Faoldable Solar Charger 2 ImgThis has plenty of appeal and there is praise for the way that the product folds up into a small, convenience size to fit in a backpack.

The issue here, however, is that the design of the folding panels is not optimised for users to lie it completely flat or to mount it to capture as much light as possible. This becomes a big problem for some users that struggle with a strong charge.

Why is this ALLPOWERS Foldable Solar Kit so problematic for some users?

The biggest problem with this solar kit is that it simply isn’t strong enough for all needs. To start with, any shade, low light conditions and overcast weather can make a significant difference on the output – which means that it is not all that reliable for long-term usage on camping trips.

On a related note, some users say that they would prefer to see better connections on the panel so that they can easy link it up to extra panels for extra power.

There are eyelets on the frame to allow users to attach the panel to their backpack, but this isn’t enough. There is a clear lack of hardware here and this is also seen in the lack of connections. Some buyers have bought extra parts to be able to charge two devices at the same time.

Summary: is this ALLPOWERS Laptop Charger still recommendable with these issues in mind?

The panels have some clear benefits for basic charging when users can place the product in strong, direct sunlight. The problem here is that this is much easier said than done. As a result, this product can only really be recommended as a basic model for light usage.

If the ALLPOWERS solar charger had more features and functionality then it could be considered a 5 star product for most campers. As it is, it is a great starting point for those that only need to keep their phones and laptops alive over a sunny weekend.

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