WindyNation 200 Watt Solar Panel Kit Review

Does The WindyNation 200 Watt Solar Panel Kit Offer Everything That Users Need?

WindyNation 200 Watt Solar Panel Kit ImgSolar kits like the WindyNation 200 Watt Solar Panel Kit are appealing to RV owners, campers, houseboat owners and anyone else that wants a simple solution to off-grid power.

This solar power kits uses 100 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panels, 2 100 amp-hour AGM Deep Cycle 12 Volt BattaMax Batteries and 1500 Watt VertaMax DC to AC Power Inverter and there is also the promise that it comes with all the necessary cables, connectors and mounting hardware for easy installation. Does this kit really have everything that buyers are looking for?

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What benefits have been highlighted in user reviews for this WindyNation Solar Panel System?

One of the most frequent comments about this kit is that the instructions seem to be easy to follow so installation isn’t a problem. This is just as well with all of those elements to consider. Some struggled with the controller at first, but this was soon figured out. This 30amp controller is a nice addition to the kit with its LCD display and user adjustable settings.

For the most part, the power supply from this set-up seems to be pretty good and it works to most users’ expectations. There are the odd comments about a noticeable decline in the shade, but this can vary from user to user. The manufacturers promise that this solar charging system can provide an average of around 800 Watt Hours or 67 Amp hours per day, but they do warn users that this always depends upon the availability of sunlight.

WindyNation 200 Watt 2 pcs Solar Panel Kit ImgSome see a potential limitation here while others see no clear disadvantage in the power generation at all. It is important to remember that users have been able to transform their RVs, cabins and garage spaces into off-grid areas thanks to the consistency of the power.

On this note, buyers should also remember that this 200 amp-hour battery bank is designed for light to moderate everyday use. This is a little vague, but it shows that users can’t ask too much of it.

Apart from a drop in effectiveness in the shade, what other downsides have buyers reported when reviewing this WindyNation 200 Watt Solar Panel Kit?

It is important that a solar kit provides everything that buyers will need in one package. This is where some of the lower rated reviews start to creep in the equation here because there are some users that needed to buy additional parts.

Some simply needed extra panels for their energy requirements while others mention that the fuses are not included. This means that not quite everything is here, but its is close enough that users don’t feel the need to mark the product down too much.

How does this issue affect the recommendation for this WindyNation 200W Solar Kit?

It is clear that this product can work very well in the right situation, but there are some limitations on its power and performance. It seems that if you are looking for that simple “light to moderate use” and are prepared for a small dip in overcast conditions, you should get precisely what you are looking for from this WindyNation solar kit. It is consistent, easy to install and provides the right amount of power for a small off-grid set-up.

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