Webetop Portable Solar Generator

Could The Webetop Portable Solar Generator Help In An Emergency?

Webetop Portable Solar Generator ImgIt is clear from the sales pitches of the Webetop Portable Solar Generator that the company want to beat the competition across many features and functions. There are three key areas where they aim to achieve this.

They are: the increased power capacity on the battery, the inclusion of more ports than some other model and the great safety features.

This should appeal to buyers after reliable emergency power. But, do users agree that it meets these aims, or could the company still do more?


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The Pros and Cons of this Webetop 155Wh 42000mAh Portable Generator:


  • a strong battery for emergency aid and CPAP machines
  • various ports for different types of electronic items
  • a good light and other safety features


  • slower to charge than some would like
  • mixed comments on the power capabilities


The Webetop Portable Solar Generator does meet its main aims pretty well. 

This unit has a 42000mAH battery rather than the more typical 40800mAh. This may not sound like an awful lot on paper, but it could make a difference depending on the needs of the user.

It is made for emergency power as well as power while camping. This means some basic electronics, but also more powerful devices like fans and lighting.

An added bonus here is that this solar inverter battery came fully charged in some cases. This was ideal for those working in emergency situations. Others also point out that this machine is pretty light and portable for something seemingly so powerful.

Webetop Portable Solar Generator 2 ImgThen there is the advantage of more ports in each category to allow for greater multitasking. There are 3 ports in the 12V Dc range and the USB row. There is also a dual AC outlet at 150W peak power for those power hungry electronics in the home or cabin.

It was bought be some during Storm Irma, and they say it was ideal for emergency aid. Others continually rely on this model for their CPAP machines and have had no problems with the reliability of the connections or power supply.

Finally there is the safety aspect. When the company talk about safety here, they are mostly talking about the protections against power surges, short circuits and other risks to the unit and user.

However, there is also another safety feature on board here – the LED flashlight. These lights are sometimes something of an afterthought for minimal illumination or strobing. Here this is a brighter LED that can last for 125 hours. An added bonus is the one-touch setting for the continuous light or “blink” mode.

Not all users are as impressed with this Webetop Portable Solar Power System.

There are always going to be mixed reviews on the capabilities of these sorts of solar power generators. Those that experience a failure with one device assume that the machine is incapable of multiple devices or anything to intensive. These poor results could be down tot he device charged or other factors.

Webetop Portable Solar Generator 3 ImgThere is the additional issue here of lost power. Some note that if has a high self-discharge rate when left unused. Therefore, it helps to check the battery status before setting it up, just the make sure there are no nasty surprises when using the machine.

One issue that is a little more valuable to those considering this device is that is is slow to charge. Again, the idea of speed is a little subjective, bit some felt that 5 hours was too long to wait when using a wall charger.

It should also be noted that while there is the option to charge the battery pack with a solar panel, that panel is not included in the box. This will increase the overall costs in the long run.

What does this mean for the final verdict on this Webetop Portable Generator?

There is plenty of potential with this portable power generator in camping and emergency situations, despite some of the negative comments. Users do have to be careful with the charge times and loss of power when idle.

Yet, a fully charged, working system does have the capabilities to help power lots of items as needed. Some buyers are ready to use this Webetop solar generator when the next storm hits, and there isn’t much of a better recommendation than that.

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