Brunton Solaris Foldable Solar Power Review

Is The Brunton Solaris Solar Power Array As Reliable And Helpful As The Specification Suggests?

Brunton Solaris Solar Power Array ImgAt first, it can be a little difficult to understand exactly what is being received with this Brunton Solaris Solar Power Array because of the photos and lack of details in the product description but this is simply because it is a very basic concept with a few extra features thrown in to snare buyers.

This solar panel is multi-sectioned, foldable device that is made from high-performance CIGS cells and has a maximum output of 62 watts to power a range of electronics. It sounds as though this product is reliable, powerful and convenient but is viewed as such out on the field?


Are these advantages being seen by users and what other positive comments have been made about this Brunton Solar Power Array?

One of the main benefits that stands out in user reviews is the number of practical applications that have been reported and its general reliability. This device has been used in Iraq to power GPS trackers and entertainment devices and for animal tracking in the types of location where ease of transportation is a must, which makes the dimensions – 52.5×30 inches when open and 8.5×14.5×2 when folded – and light, 55oz weight even more of an advantage.

Additionally, buyers have commented on the decent build quality, with the use of CIGS cells adding to buyer confidence over long life and dependability, as well as the way it can be easily mounted for optimal sun exposure and its performance in all weather conditions.

This Brunton panel seems to hold up to the wind and rain, is great in direct sunlight and even has an adequate performance under clouds, having still managed to charge phones on overcast camping trips; however, there is some talk of wild fluctuations in the voltage depending on these conditions, which could limit its potential.

Is the function of this Brunton Solaris Solar Power Array limited and what other flaws should be noted?

Brunton Solaris Solar Power Array 2 ImgThere is a sense from the reviews that these individual panels work well enough but there are some complaints over the advertised ability to link panels up to form something more substantial, which has caused big problems for those users with greater demands for power because the product hasn’t been able to cope.

There is a linking cable but it is unclear to many buyers how they are meant to go about connecting the products and, once achieved, it is so poorly designed – something that even Brunton has admitted – that it feels as though the panel will break.

As this point it is also worth noting that the instructions in general have been poorly received and many seem to be operating this on intuition.

Summary: Is this Brunton Solaris Foldable Solar Power Array still worthwhile with this major flaw?

The worth of this product ultimately depends on its purpose and the equipment you require the power for rather than anything to do with the design. Understandably, many users would warn prospective buyers against using this product if they have heavy duty needs, because of the hassle of combining the panels and the voltage fluctuations.

However, if you only require a small solar panel that is easily used and transported to power a few, small electronic items in the field, this lightweight, foldable Brunton solar product should do the trick.

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