Sunnydaze Solar Water Fountain Review

Does The Sunnydaze Modern Cascading Bowls Solar-on-Demand Water Fountain Function As Well As People Hope?

Sunnydaze Modern Cascading Bowls Water Fountain ImgThe Sunnydaze Modern Cascading Bowls Solar-on-Demand Water Fountain is a solar fountain with a bit of a difference. Unlike some small scales models that only provide a water feature with direct sunlight. It has a battery storage to allow for movement during overcast conditions and lighting during the night.

This purpose, along with the general appeal of the shape and the cascading water, should mean that this model is ideal for many gardens that want to do away with mains-powered features. Is this the case, or are there some clear problems with this product?


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What benefits have users highlighted in their reviews for this Sunnydaze Solar-on-Demand “Stone” Fountain ?

The first obvious benefit with this model is the use of the materials and the general good looks of the fountain. The body is made out of resin and fibre glass, which is designed with a light weight and durability in mind.

Despite this, there are many buyers that are pleased with the stability of the model, even in higher winds, and the natural look. It definitely looks like a stone fountain from a distance, and also looks pretty attractive up close. The use of the LED lights and the lack of wires and electronics add to the aesthetics.

Sunnydaze Modern Cascading Bowls Water Fountain 2 ImgThen there are all the positive reviews that talk about the experience of sitting in a garden and watching this Sunnydaze solar pump fountain. This was always meant to have that zen-vibe because of the simplicity of the shape and the motion of the water.

There is a nice flow to the water with no splashes or distracting sounds and it does provide that relaxing atmosphere that people need. The lighting and lack of other noises help too. The pump is surprisingly quiet.

Are there any problems with the design or components that limit the appeal of this Sunnydaze Solar Powered Water Fountain?

The pump may be quiet, but there are some users that aren’t so happy about its lifespan. There are a few too many reports of the pumps failing after a couple of months and users paying out for replacements.

The other key issue here is the strength of the solar panel. There are some that find that it doesn’t have the ability to generate enough power for long-term or night time use unless it is out in direct sunshine for a long time.

Summary: how do these issues affect the final recommendation for this Sunnydaze Solar Pump Water Fountain ?

The problems with the solar panel do limit the functionality of this fountain a little, as some struggle to use it in that peaceful, illuminated night-time mode. Also, the issue of direct light limits users on where they place it in the garden.

However, those that get a good amount of light and a pump without faults find that this model is definitely a good addition to the garden.

The solar mechanics, shape and flow of water ensure that this adds to a relaxing space and there is that beneficial use of materials. The Sunnydaze solar fountain is attractive, well-thought out and sure to be a bigger hit with a better panel.

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