SolarEpic 1000W Grid Tie Solar Inverter

Is The SolarEpic 1000W Grid Tie Inverter MPPT For Solar Panel Enough For Basic Needs?

This product is now discontinued. You can find a newer model here.

SolarEpic 1000W Grid Tie Inverter MPPT For Solar Panel ImgSolar inverters are an essential part of a solar kit and buyers are understandably attracted to ones like the SolarEpic 1000W Grid Tie Inverter MPPT For Solar Panel that seem to offer enough output and stability without being costly and over the top.

This stackable system for solar power system includes a 1000W grid tie inverter for a pure sine wave and a 10.8-30V solar input and 90V-140V output. Is this adequate for buyers’ need, or does it fall short?


What benefits have buyers reported in their reviews for this SolarEpic 1000W Solar Inverter?

Firstly, there are a number of buyers saying that this is pretty tough and durable unit that can handle whatever is thrown at it. This refers to protection against the elements, but there is also the protection against surges in currents and overheating.

This model has over current protection, over temperature protection and island protection to ensure that it protects itself from damage and is a reliable source of energy for long trips. This user confidence has also allowed some to use it as a load dump so that any excess power is diverted to the inverter.

SolarEpic 1000W Grid Tie Inverter MPPT For Solar Panel 2 ImgGenerally speaking, there are are plenty of positive reports from users saying that it works well enough for their needs. It may only be a simple model with a basic set-up and output, but it has enough power and stability to run a few appliances for a reasonable length of time, or even the air con in an RV during a trip.

Some buyers appear to be happy to see this as the basic option and don’t want t look much further as it does just enough for their requirements. Others, however, see the disadvantages.

Are there any clear problems with this SolarEpic 1000W Grid Tie Inverter that limit its appeal to users?

There is an issue with this unit that stands out straight away – the energy efficiency. There are varying reports across buyer testimonials here. Some get 200w from 300w worth of panels, others see an output of just 150w, some talk about 70% efficiency in good conditions and there are those that reached an impressed 1000w high, only for the inverter to quickly overheat and shutdown.

At least the latter shows that all of those aforementioned safety features work. It should be noted that the company has since put out a warning about this product following these concerns.

They say that the unit was “ideally designed for an 18V solar panel” and it “will not reach it’s max power point” with a 12v battery. They suggest upgrading to the 24v to be sure of greater effectiveness.

Summary: how do these reports affect the final verdict on this SolarEpic Stackable Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

These results are not the highest in the world, but many still say that the product is consistent and pretty reliable. In the end, many buyers are simply choosing to follow the manufacturer’s advice or are just adding more panels as required to meet their needs.

This SolarEpic solar inverter is a low-end inverter but there is is still a lot to appreciate in the quality of the power that is provided, the quality of the materials and the general sense of durability.