Smart Solar Country Gardens Solar Fountain

Is The Smart Solar Gray Weathered Stone Country Gardens Solar Fountain A Reliable Option?

Smart Solar Country Gray Weathered Stone Gardens Solar Fountain ImgThe Smart Solar Country Gray Weathered Stone Gardens Solar Fountain is a 2 tier water fountain and birdbath that is designed to be lightweight and user-friendly enough to be placed anywhere in the garden – providing there is enough sunlight to power it.

This “solar-on-demand” fountain has a day mode and night mode for great versatility and uses recycled water from the hidden reservoir. Is this model capable of providing the spectacle that buyers are after or does the solar tech mean that it falls short?


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What are the benefits of owning this Smart Solar Solar Water Fountain?

Many buyers purchase this model because it is seen as an attractive option for the garden. Smart Solar pride themselves on “hand-crafted artisan styles” and this is a good example. Not only does it provide a gentle stream of running water, there is the detailing of the stonework finish and the details of the turtles on the sides.

This model is actually made from glass fibre reinforced concrete, but it looks authentic to many viewers. The bowl is ideal for attracting small birds, adding to the sense of tranquillity and purpose, and the use of running water means that this birdbath won’t get contaminated with stagnant water.

Smart Solar Country Gray Weathered Stone Gardens Solar Fountain 2 2The fact that this solar powered fountain has appealed to a lot of buyers that had struggled with electric models in the past. There are more placement options in the garden and they can leave the fountain to start by itself when it is charged.

There is no wiring to worry about and users say it is easy to set up. The makers promise that users can enjoy 6 hours of operation when charged and there are reports to back this up. Additional benefits are the use of the back-up battery for consistent power and the way that the panel is hidden from view beneath the water.

What are the potential disadvantages to choosing this Smart Solar Country Gardens Solar Powered Water Fountain?

As with many products, there are limitations to both the aesthetic appeal and the functionality of this solar fountain. The biggest problem with the look of this product is the weathered stone finish. At first it looks great and helps the product blend in with the garden, but some buyers say it doesn’t take long for it to chip away.

There are concerns, therefore, about the overall build quality of the model and how long it will last. As for the function, there is always going to be a drop in power when you compare a solar model to an electric powered one and it doesn’t have the longevity and strength some may have hoped for on cloudier days.

Summary: is this Smart Solar Fountain/Birdbath still recommendable with these flaws in mind?

There are weaknesses to this product, but many are typical of the style rather than specific flaws with the product. For a solar powered fountain, this model actually does a lot to ensure that buyers get a consistent performance across the day in a product that looks great. There are compromises to make when going solar, but the Smart Solar fountain seems to overcome them while providing a user-friendly, reliable way to bring some peace, beauty and bird song to the garden.

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