Goal Zero Switch 10 USB Solar Recharger

Does The Straightforward Goal Zero Switch 10 USB Solar Recharger and Solar Panel Kit Live Up To Brand Expectations?

Goal Zero Switch 10 USB Solar Recharger ImgGoal Zero have a pretty good reputation when it comes to solar products and the Goal Zero Switch 10 USB Solar Recharger and Solar Panel Multi-Tool Kit looks like it should be a great choice for anyone that is interesting in using solar power while camping.

This charging system has two methods to help users charge their electronics – the Nomad 7 solar panel and the USB recharger. It promises to be ideal for phones, lights, GPS systems and other small USB devices, but does it deliver?


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What benefits have users highlighted in their reviews for this Goal Zero charger?

The most important element of this product has to be the use of the solar panel to provide solar charging wherever buyers need to take this kit. The panel comes with the promise that it will charge with just 4 hours of full sunlight. From there, the power is held in the lithium-ion battery, which has the added bonus of the LED indicator.

Buyers seem to be impressed with the ability of the panel and the two charging systems. Many say that it has handled pretty much any USB-based gadget they have tried and that it doesn’t need full sunlight for a strong performance. There are also positive comments about the high-quality feel of the system and its construction.


Goal Zero Switch 10 USB Solar Recharger and Solar Panel Multi-Tool Kit ImgThe added benefit of using this option is that there are additional tools in the box that can help users while they are out camping in the wild. The wide angle flashlight provides illumination during the night while the lightweight fan keeps users cool during the day.

These items could have been little more than gimmicks but there are lots of positive comments about their performance and quality, even from users that had initially dismissed them.

Are there any downsides to choosing this Goal Zero 21013 Switch 10 Portable Solar Charger?

So far, it seems that the product does everything that buyers expected of it and more, which explains the high customer satisfaction rating on Amazon. Even those that gave a 4 star review seem to have little to say against it. Some have lowered their scores because they initially received faulty merchandise or because they had slightly higher expectations on the capabilities.

Others have been a little pickier and declined to give full marks because they think it is expensive or would add more accessories. Some have called for a cigarette lighter attachment for even greater ease of use.

Summary: does this lack of negative feedback mean that the Goal Zero Switch 10 is highly recommendable?

There are high expectations about Goal Zero solar products, especially from loyal customers, and the good news here is that they do not appear to have experienced any decline in quality or major problems. There will always be users that can see potential improvements, but the balance of simple, reliable charging options with helpful extras means that this option has mass appeal.

The Goal Zero solar charger is a great choice for all campers that want a simple way of charging electronics without worrying about the strength of the available sunlight, batteries or difficult connections.

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