Parmak Magnum 12 Solar Pak Electric Fence Charger

Are Buyer’s Right To Be Wary Of The Parmak Magnum 12 Solar Pak Electric Fence Charger?

Parmak Magnum 12 Solar Pak Electric Fence Charger ImgThe concept of the Parmak Magnum 12 Solar Pak Electric Fence Charger is pretty straightforward in that it is providing an alternative way of powering an electric fence via a solar panel and a battery pack.

You wire it up according to the instructions, make sure to ground it properly, leave it to generate solar power and let the battery power the fence and deal with the wildlife or livestock. The solar charger consists of little more than a “state of the art” panel and battery so is it up to the job?


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What benefits have users appreciated about this Parmak Magnum 12v Solar Fence Charger?

It seems that any buyer that questioned the power generated by this smaller solar electric fence charger was in for a surprise because once it is in action in a sunny field, it can store and supply a good charge that is enough to be noticeable to any careless humans and deter the animals within. Users have said that they have had no escapees since setting up the fence with this solar panel or, depending on the purpose of the fence, nothing coming in – not even big hungry bears.

Parmak Magnum 12 Solar Pak Electric Fence Charger 2 ImgMost are convinced that it is a reliable form of consistent power, with many complimenting the way that the battery holds its charge.

The concern of most reviewers when testing the charger out was the performance in poor light and overcast days but it grabs hold of the sunshine when it can and continues to supply the fence with a strong supply of stored energy in-between.

As a result, owners are now charging barricades on a range of paddocks and precious areas on small holdings with some buyers keenly going back for a couple more units.

What downsides have buyers experienced when setting up and using this Parmak Magnum Electric Fence Charging Unit?

There are number of buyers mentioning the number of grounding poles that need to be used when setting up this fence. Some have followed the instructions of using three 8 foot poles for the one 12V charger and while this seems excessive to some, they appreciate that it is the norm with modern electrics.

This is a consideration rather than a problem and, to be honest, the biggest problems recorded are the rare pieces of merchandise that arrive with faults already in the wiring or battery. There is the chance of receiving a dud but most are in good working order.

Summary: does this wealth of positive reviews mean that this Parmak Magnum Solar Fence Charger is a highly recommendable purchase?

Essentially, it is the simplicity of this product that makes it such a well-loved piece of equipment; it is not trying to do anything fancy to improve the electric fence and is simply offering a solar alternative when standard electricity supplies will not do.

The Parmak solar fence charger has received so many five star reviews from happy buyers with metres of live fences that is impossible not to give it a full recommendation. It is easily fitted, captures sunlight, holds its charge and provides reliable power. It doesn’t really need to do much more.

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