Natural Light Solar Attic Fan Review

Is The Natural Light 36-watt Solar Attic Fan A Good Green Ventilation Option?


Natural Light Solar Attic Fan ImgSolar powered attic fans can be a great option for people that are looking to ventilate their home and bring down the temperature in the hot summer months and the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan gives consumers the opportunity to do so in a green and straightforward way.

This product comes with the claim of high quality materials and everything included from the 36w panel to the caulk. It has ability to move up to 1628 cubic feet of air in a minute. Does this product live up to expectations or are the results a little weak?


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What benefits have buyers appreciated with this Solar Attic Fan?

A factor that stands out with the positive feedback for this fan is the ease with which buyers have been able to set it up and use it. There is the clear sense that this is one of those products you can set up and leave alone and this is enhanced by the optional snap-on thermostat that regulates the fan and make the process even more hands-off.

Natural Light Solar Attic Fan 2As for the installation, there is the promise that all is made easy due to the lack of wires and some say that they had it up and running in less than an hour

The main benefit of course is the difference that this solar powered attic ventilator is making to the home and finances of those using it.

Once it is up and running, this attic solar fan has made a big impact on ventilation, with users saying that temperature differences are almost instant and the air on upper floors isn’t as stuffy as it used to be. The result is that people are saving money by not having to leave their fans on in the summer.

Are there any downsides to this Natural Light Solar Powered Attic Fan that buyers should be aware of?

The biggest problem that buyers may come up against with this fan is the fact that the results are variable. Not only are there some buyers that simply don’t get along with the device for personal reasons, there are other considerations that affect the performance.

Naturally, there needs to be enough sunshine to provide the power and the ability to tilt the panel to 45 degrees does help with that. But there is also the limitation that it cannot be installed on walls or flat roofs. In addition to this, there is idea that this fan is only really suited to small attics and the large system can look a little out of place on a small roof.

Summary: with all of this in mind, is this Natural Light fan a good choice for green ventilation?

There are comments from happy buyers suggesting that the product pays for itself and while financial benefits are perhaps most important to many buyers, there are other benefits that ensure that this fan is a great choice for many home owners.

There may be variable results and issues with flat roofs and large spaces but, in the right environment, the solar powered attic fan works brilliantly to provide the environmental conditions required in a simple, accessible way.

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