Brightwatts Solar Gable Attic Fan

Is The Brightwatts Solar Gable Attic Fan Powerful Enough To Make A Difference?

Brightwatts Solar Gable Attic Fan ImgThe Brightwatts Solar Gable Attic Fan is your simple solar attic fan in that it has a motor, a fan to push the air in the right direction, a solar panel and all the necessary connections.

The motor uses 2.0 amps to push the 1000 cfm fan and ventilate up to 1200 of space within the attic.


What benefits have buyers appreciated about this Brightwatts Solar Attic Fan when hooking it up to their roof?

The high-impact solar cells of the solar panel should provide enough power while resisting damage from the weather. All of this, plus the promise of “no electrical wiring required”, means that new buyers have high hopes for the performance. Does it deliver?

The first benefit that many buyers mention when reviewing this solar powered attic fan is the amount of air that it moves around. There is often the misconception with solar models that they are going to be weaker, offering minimal cooling power.

Here many people are impressed with the speed of the fan in direct sun, and the effect this has on the movement of cool and warm air.

On top of this, there are those that point out that this model is actually pretty reliable in low light and over-cast conditions. Some noted that it decreased the temperature of the attic by as much as 5 degrees, which is significant on the hottest days.

Brightwatts Solar Gable Attic Fan Blade ImgAnother selling point for this product is the promise of a tough build and high quality construction via the rust protected galvanised steel. There is the sense that this model was build to last and to handle tougher requirements.

Furthermore, there are a number of happy buyers that praise the installation process. Unlike some of these solar fans, which appear a little counter-intuitive in their design, this seems to be easy to set up and use.

Are there any clear issues with this Brightwatts Solar Gable Attic Fan that buyers need to be aware of?

At the time of writing this review, this Brightwatts solar attic fan had a respectable satisfaction rating. The vast majority are impressed with what they receive, but there are some that feel that it is a little overpriced and could do a little more.

There are also those in the minority that experience issues with faults and delivery issues that bring the final score down a little. Some feel that the connectors to the panel could be of better quality for a more reliable finish, and of course there are those that would prefer a larger solar panel.

Summary: what does this all mean for a final recommendation on this Brightwatts Galvanised Solar Gable Attic Fan?

Overall, there is a lot of appreciation for this device and many users that would recommend it to homeowners based on the ease of operation and general performance. There are some people that are looking to add an extra panel to improve the performance in the long-term, but there are also those that simply consider the prospect of a second fan.

This is because they are that impressed with the impact of this model. This Brightwatts solar attic fan has plenty of potential in the right space, and room for upgrades.

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