MicroSolar LED IP65 Solar Floodlight

Is The MicroSolar IP65 Solar Floodlight A Suitable Alternative To Standard Products?

MicroSolar IP65 Solar Floodlight ImgA floodlight can be a great source of light in a garden or worksite but they are not always practical due to the location, which is where the MicroSolar IP65 Solar Floodlight tries to fill the gap. This system consists of a 20w solar panel, the 1000 lumen output floodlight, a 16.4 foot wire and a strong lithium battery to store the collected power.

In theory, users should just be able to assemble it, let it gather energy and enjoy the light produced. Is this the case or are there problems with this product’s performance?


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What benefits have buyers appreciated when testing out this MicroSolar IP65 Solar Light?

For a solar-powered product that could seem a little gimmicky to first time users, there are actually a lot of positive comments about the quality of both the physical product and the light emitted. One of the more noticeable sales claims is that this is a “super bright” light and users seem to be impressed with what is produced from the “super high brightness” LED system.

With the exception of the brackets, the components seem to be strong and sturdy and there are high hopes that it will survive for a long time in tough weather conditions. Users say that it appears to be pretty waterproof.

MicroSolar IP65 Solar Floodlight 2 ImgThe main selling point of this outdoor solar light, however, is the fact that it can be set up almost anywhere that users require it – unlike mains-powered options that are restricted by the electricity supply. This means that this solar-powered floodlight can be used on more remote projects that require illumination long into the night.

This is of course aided by the fact that it provides automatic dusk-til-dawn lighting, which is one less concern for workers, and that there is the option to mount it on a wall or leave it free-standing. Most say that it works consistently well over the advertised 8-12 hour period, although others have complained that theirs only lasted for around 4 hours.

Are there any other concerns that buyers should consider regarding this MicroSolar IP65 Solar Floodlight?

The different experiences reported by users could be down to the supply of sunlight. If the solar panel is not getting enough energy during the day, this will effect the performance of the light at night. There are also some complaints about the assembly instructions because this is quite a fiddly piece of kit to put together – partly because of the folding design of the solar panel – and there are minimal diagrams next to some oddly translated directions.

Summary: how do these negative experiences affect the final verdict on this IP65 Super Bright Floodlight?

There are some users that will struggle to get along with this system at first, either because of the difficulty in setting it up or the potential issues of finding a strong source of energy. Despite this, most buyers would surely agree that it is worth putting up with any initial problems for the long-term benefits that can be enjoyed.

The MicroSolar solar light is a great option when a mains-powered floodlight isn’t suitable and it is highly recommendable for the range of mounting options, the sense of longevity and – most importantly – the brightness of the light.

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