ECEEN Solar Backpack Review

Is The ECEEN Solar Backpack A Convenient Solution For Campers?

ECEEN Solar Backpack ImgThe ECEEN Solar Backpack is an interesting option for hikers and campers because it seems to provide an even more convenient solution for charging electronics out in the wilderness. For many campers, the idea of having a portable solar panel and carrying it around in a backpack is a great idea but this backpack aims to make things even easier by including a sewn-in 7W panel with a 5v USB port for a range of devices.

One of the taglines for this solar panel backpack is that it is “ultra-light, ultra-durable, ultra-awesome”. Do users agree with this sentiment or is there more that could be done?


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What benefits have users highlighted in their reviews for this ECEEN Solar Powered Backpack?

The most important question on the minds of buyers when they look into this product is whether or not that solar panel really works and provides any significant benefit on long hikes. There is praise for the high output and quality of the panels and some say that it even offers a decent performance in the shade.

In addition to this, the cells are said to be weatherproof and scratchproof for a long life in tough conditions and buyers believe that they will be able to put this backpack through its paces for a while.

ECEEN Solar Backpack 2Of course there is more to this product than providing a solar energy supply as it also has to work as a functional backpack. This is where the ultra-light and ultra-durable tags comes in as the product is designed to be light enough and strong enough for day-to-day use, thanks to the use of tough, waterproof fabrics. There is also a selection of pockets so users can easily pack everything they need for the trip.

Are there any downsides to taking this ECEEN Solar Bag out on a hike?

One of the bigger issues with this solar powered backpack regards the compatibility. The specification states that the bag is compatible with a range of Apple and Android devices because of the simple connections, but there are some users that say that they could not connect directly to the panel and had to go via the battery.

This is a problem because some feel the battery capacity is too small. There are also questions over whether or not this product provides value for money because although the panel and the main materials are waterproof and reasonably strong, some say that the manufacturers could have gone further, especially with the zips and buckles.

Summary: is this ECEEN Solar Power Backpack still recommendable with this feedback in mind?

It could be the case with this product that it becomes much more appealing and convenient for users once it gets to the 2nd or 3rd generation model and these problems have been worked out. The product could be a little tougher and more powerful to meet the price tag, and greater compatibility would be appreciated by iPhone users, but there are still plenty of positive points to this backpack.

If you want a backpack that is durable and light with plenty of storage, and you also like the idea of quick and simple charging for your tablet, this ECEEN solar backpack could still be a great purchase.

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