GAME Outdoor Solar Shower Review

Can The GAME Outdoor Solar Shower Really Provide A Refreshing Heated Shower?

GAME Outdoor Solar Shower ImgThe concept of the GAME Outdoor Solar Shower is pretty simple: instead of heading inside to the bathroom after swimming in the pool, users can now rinse off with hot water right beside the pool using this straightforward solar system.

The product consists of a tank, solar powered heating system, shower head and little else, making it more appealing to buyers that don’t the hassle of complicated installations and overly-fancy features. This updated model retains the basics of the original with a new, larger head for better coverage. Are users pleased with what this shower can provide, or is it too simplistic for its own good.


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What benefits have buyers noted in when trying out this GAME 4376 Solar Shower?

The product description for this outdoor solar shower talks about the simplicity of the product and the ease of installation. As long as users set it up within reach of a hose and a water outlet, they can fill up the tank, wait for the sun to heat it up and enjoy a refreshing shower.

The lack of parts and plumbing makes this an attractive option for buyers and most say that it is easy enough to set it up. Additionally, despite the lack of parts, and do-it-yourself feel, some buyers note that the product is secure and that they have not experienced any leaks.

GAME Outdoor Solar Shower 2 ImgThere are also those that praise the coverage of the new head – just enough for a good, cleansing shower without soaking the poolside area in water. The makers also promise that the water temperature can be easily adjusted via a single lever, which means that is can also be used for refreshing cool showers on a hot day, but temperature is an issue for some users.

Why are most of the complaints about this GAME 4376 Outdoor Solar Shower in reference to the temperature?

The biggest issue for buyers is the heat of the water. Because the heater relies on the energy of the sun to warm up the water, rather than a direct hot water supply from the home, the results can vary greatly from home to home.

If the shower is set up in an area that doesn’t get much direct sunlight or you live in colder climes, hot water is going to be limited. In the right home, there can be more than enough hot water for each user; in the wrong home, the water will be tepid at best. There are also some concerns about the long-term durability of this model, as some have noted rusting and a few cracks in colder weather.

Summary: how does this feedback affect the recommendation for this 4376 Outdoor Shower?

In the end, the purchase of this solar shower comes down to common sense. If you know that you use the pool enough to make the most of this simple, luxury item and live in an area that can guarantee enough sunshine for a good hot water supply, this could be a great addition to your pool area. There are no flashy features to the GAME solar shower but it is user-friendly, functional and highly appreciate in the right home.

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