GoSun Stove Portable Solar Oven Review

Is The GoSun Stove High Efficiency Portable Solar Oven A Revolutionary Way To Cook Outdoors?

GoSun Stove Portable Solar Oven ImgThe GoSun Stove Portable Solar Oven is sold as the “world’s first easy-to-use portable solar oven”, which on its own offers plenty to attract the eye of potential buyers. The sales pitch for this eco-friendly solar oven invites buyers to “cook a meal in as little as 20 minutes” and to enjoy its potential in any situation as long as there is sunshine available.

Is this product as capable and user-friendly as the descriptions suggest or are there drawbacks to owning the first of its type.


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What benefits have buyers enjoyed when testing out this new GoSun Stove Parabolic Solar Oven?

Many buyers and party guests are drawn to this product because it offers an entirely different way of cooking outdoors and provides benefits that other, conventional grills and barbecues cannot. The reliance on solar power means that there is no need for electric power or expensive fuel– as long as the sun is shining, the can harness its power to cook many different types of food.

Many say that this portable solar cooker is pretty easy to use and there is the additional bonus that the parabolic tubular design retains 80-90% of the sunlight. This means that the heat remains in the tube to keep food warmer for longer.

GoSun Stove Portable Solar Oven 2 ImgThis solar design means that this product is also highly portable as it can be set up on any campsite or back garden where there is plenty of sunshine. The shape is long and thin so takes up very little space and the curved reflectors fold can be closed up so that the handles can be used as carry handles.

What are the downsides to choosing this GoSun Stove Sport Edition Solar Oven?

The design of this long, thin cooking tube does mean that there are limitations on what can and cannot be made, even if it can hold 1.4kg of food. They have to small enough to fit inside and have the structural integrity to be taken out again in one piece.

The advice from most users, therefore, is to stick to simple, bite-size snacks and hotdogs. There are some buyers that complain about timing issues too, such as those that struggle to cook their eggs.

There are cooking guidelines in the manual but the time can vary depending on the power of the sun. Others simply point out little aspects of the design that they would tweak, such as adding latches to the tube to make it more secure.

Summary: does this lack of negative feedback mean that the GoSun Portable Solar Oven is highly recommendable?

There is still a sense of trial and error with this device as buyers still need to get to grips with the full cooking potential of this device and cannot rely too much on precision and timing. The style of this system will not suit everyone; if you are a control freak in the kitchen then this could be a nightmare.

Having said that, there is still a lot of potential for campers heading out to festivals or for tailgating because of the portability of the GoSun Stove solar cooker, the ease of use and the sense of experimentation that it brings for adventurous outdoor cooks.

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