Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit Review

Is The Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit Really A Modern Campers’ New Best Friend?

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter ImgThe ability to maintain a charge on crucial technological items, like phones and computers, while out on camping trips is a challenge that many companies are trying to master and the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit seems to be a great solution.

This kit includes the Sherpa 50, Nomad 13 solar panel, Lithium-ion (NMC) battery, 110 Volt bolt-on inverter, and a wall charger and lets buyers charge their devices directly from the device via simple USB and 12V DC ports.

The product is said to be compact, tough and carefully designed to service many different pieces of equipment but do buyers find that it is reliable when they really need it?


Some Noted Features of the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit 

  • Charge the Sherpa 50 in 5-10 hours from the included Nomad 13 solar panel
  • Sample run times: tablets 15 plus hours, laptops 1-3 hours
  • Compact, lightweight and rugged design
  • Includes Sherpa 50, Nomad 13, wall charger and 110 Volt bolt-on inverter


What advantages have buyers highlighted in their reviews for this Goal Zero Recharging Kit and is it really as high-tech and functional as it promises?

What is clear from the product description and the types of reviewers leaving their comments is that this recharging kit is clearly designed with the modern camper in mind; it may be foldable for better transportation, rugged to protect it against damage and weather resistant but these features are lesser benefits compared to its ability to charge a large range of equipment with general ease.

This is not a basic solar panel to hook up to laptop and nothing more, this is a specialised device with clear ports for everything from laptops and phones to cameras and other vital pieces of equipment.

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter 2 ImgGoal Zero claim that it can charge laptops to run for 1-3 hours, which buyers do not dispute, and that a tablet can receive around 15 hours of charge. Additionally, it seems that the solar panel is also effective on slightly overcast days, increasing its potential in the great outdoors.

Another interesting aspect to this product that has been brought up by some buyers is that Goal Zero have updated it to make some improvements on the old design, making it even more convenient for travellers.

Some believe that this smaller, lighter design is even better and they particularly like the way that it now uses magnets to keep it folded up, the simple attachments for a backpack and the extra pouch on the back for storing extras like cables and other accessories.

Essentially, it seems that the company are trying to perfect the product where they can for the best possible customer experience; however, some users would say that it is not quite perfect yet.

What problems have buyers reported in their reviews for this Goal Zero 42005 Solar Recharging Kit and what can be done to improve it even further?

Critiques offered for this solar recharging kit are minimal and mostly target small, personal preferences rather than big problems. Interestingly, one of these complaints refers to the weight that Goal Zero have been so keen to decrease, with some users wishing that even though it is just 1.1lbs, it could be a little bit lighter if they are going to be transporting it on their backs for miles.

Elsewhere, reviewers have mentioned a rattling noise from inside the device and the idea that while the colour coding for the different connections is a nice idea, it could be clearer. The former could be nothing to be concerned with but when there have also been quality control issues with scratches and potentially used items, some buyers have lost a little confidence.

Summary: is this Goal Zero 42005 Solar kit recommendable or should you wait until more improvements are made.

There is no denying the fact that Goal Zero are trying really hard to make this kit the best it can be for their target audience and they should be commended for the improvements that have been made on the original version, even if some buyers feel that there is still work to be done.

It may be a little heavy for some users and it could perhaps be a little more user-friendly for the confused camper trying to recharge their laptop in the dark but that doesn’t mean it will not act as a great aid out in the wilderness and minor inconveniences are easily forgotten when it offers such a long and speedy charge for essential items.

In short, this Goal Zero solar kit is highly recommended to campers and field workers that cannot be without their cameras, laptops and other equipment because it has proven to be reliable and is clearly made with them in mind.

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