DuraVolt Solar Panel Review

Is The DuraVolt Solar Panel The Ideal Starting Point For Boats And RVs?

DuraVolt Solar Panel ImgThe DuraVolt Solar Panel is essentially a solar starter kit for all those that want to bring some solar power and convenience to their boat or RV for getaways.

The shape and construction of the panel should ensure that users can adapt their vehicle with minimal effort.

The main component is the 16.6W panel, but users get all the connectors and adapters, including a thick 10 foot cable. This is a simple starter kit in some ways, but does it actually live up to all of its sales promises.


What benefits have users appreciated about this DuraVolt Plug and Play Solar Panel ?

An important factor here with this RV/boat solar panel is the idea that this is a “Plug & Play” model with “no experience necessary”. This is ideal for all those that are new to solar and about to install their very first system.

There is little in the way of installation, the components are lightweight and easy to handle and the system is self-regulated. This latter feature is great for those that want a hands off experience as there is no need for a solar regulator.

The set-up and ease of use is strong here, although there are some minor issues to mention below. Once it is up and running, most find that it can provide enough energy to keep their vehicles ticking over. It isn’t going to restart an RV, but it will keep the battery topped up.

DuraVolt Solar Panel 2 ImgThen there is the suitability for the purpose. As this is mainly sold for RVs and boats, there has to be a sense of ruggedness and adaptability in the design. The Power panel is low profile and has a semi-flex construction that allows it to conform to odd shapes on the sides of these vehicles.

The product description says flat or slightly curved. This could be a pro or a cons depending on preference. Some would have preferred a more adaptable, bending panel. Yet, DuraVolt insist that this is a stronger option less prone to damage.

Are there any clear downsides to this DuraVolt Solar Panel that buyers need to know about?

The first issue here is the idea that this is not quite the full package for easy installation. There are no mounting brackets or other hardware in the pack, so buyers do need to plan ahead a little bit.

Others have had to get cables that are better suited to their needs. There will be some user that pick up this unit and find that it doesn’t suit their needs. It all depends on the capacity of the battery on the boat or RV.

Summary: how does this feedback affect a final verdict on this DuraVolt Boat/RV Solar Power Device?

There are some clear mixed responses when it comes to the ease of installation and that plug and play nature. It is plug and play as long as you have all the right additional element purchased before hand.

Still, this is easy to use and doesn’t have any complicated parts. Most are happy to use this as a trickle charger for small scale use and a back up for either their boat or RV. Therefore, it is easy to recommend this DuraVolt solar panel to others in this situation.

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