Broan 345SOWW Solar Powered Attic Ventilator

Is The Broan 345SOWW Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Powerful Enough For A Great Performance?

Broan Solar Powered Attic Ventilator ImgThe Broan 345SOWW Surface Mount 28-watt Solar Powered Attic Ventilator is advertised as being the ideal option for a year-round, reliable performance as not only does it cool an attic space in the summer, it helps to prevent moisture problems and ice dams in the winter.

Some consumers will be keen to switch to a solar model like this because of claims that that can help with energy bills, but is there more to this product to make it even more desirable?


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What benefits have buyers mentioned in their reviews for this Broan Solar Attic Fan?

The most important question on the minds of most buyers, especially those in hotter climes, is whether or not this system can really make a big difference to the temperature. There are plenty of positive reports online that state that this is the case.

There are reports of the fan blasting the hot air out of attic spaces with ease and having a quick and easy impact on the overall temperature of the rest of the home. There are even some buyers that purchased extra vents for their commercial properties because they were so impressed.

Broan 345SOWW Solar Powered Attic VentilatorThis ventilation unit appears quite small and simple in the sales photographs but it comes with the promise that it can deal with a maximum CFM of 537, which equates to an attic space of around 3,222 cubic feet.

The simplicity of the system also means that it is pretty easy to install. As long as users determine the best position for optimal sunlight and have a roof that will take this sort of product, there appears to be no need for professional installation.

Are there any downsides to using this Broan 345SOWW Solar Attic Ventilator?

The majority of reviews for this system are incredibly positive as the vent seems to provide a better performance than some users were expecting. There are, however, a number of buyers that haven’t been as impressed and say that the system is not powerful enough.

Again, this could be due to orientation and area rather than the capabilities, but some have suggested that there should be the option to add extra solar panels to increase the power. Elsewhere, some complain about the noise produced at full power – although others have praised the lack of noise – and there are also queries about the durability of the panels for long term use.

Summary: how does this mixed response affect the final verdict on this Broan Attic Ventilator?

There will always be variations in the performance of this product depending on where it is positioned on the roof. In The better the positioning, the better the performance. In the right place, this simple fan could make a massive impact temperature control and energy savings.

In the wrong place, it could seem weak, noisy and not worth the cost. If this sort of product really does suit your home, you could find that the Broan solar attic fan is the ideal choice because of the ease of installation, the speed of the results and the big difference it can make.

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