Battery Tender 15W Solar Charger Review

Is The Battery Tender 15W Solar Charger Really A Must-have Outdoor Model?

Battery Tender 15W Solar Charger ImgSolar chargers like the Battery Tender 15W Solar Charger can provide the ideal form of power for users that either have no access to mains power or that simply want a basic means of charging up batteries outdoors.

This unit doesn’t appear to consist of much, judging by the photos. There is the large 12V panel, the connecting wires and a built-in 3-step microcontroller. This controller also has an LED indicator for user convenience and there is a built-in temperature compensation sensor. Does this model do enough to meet users’ needs?


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What benefits have buyers appreciated about this Battery Tender Outdoor Solar Charger?

One of the key selling points with this model is the idea that it can be used outdoors with ease because it is so durable and can stand up to harsh elements. The panel is both waterproof and sparkproof, so there should be few limitations on where it can be mounted.

Users have been able to keep the panels out in the wind and rain for long periods, without them sustaining any damage, and found that it is still able to charge up their batteries with no complaints. In some cases it even charged bike batteries that users feared were long dead.

Battery Tender 15W Solar Charger 2 ImgThis sense of reliability is enhanced by the charging performance. Buyers have been able to use this model in overcast conditions and still receive a strong charge. It is able to provide a full charge to dead batteries in a pretty quick time and then continues to feed the battery for as long as is required.

The specification mentions that this the only panel “available with a built-in charge controller to prevent overcharging”, and it definitely seems to be able to maintain an efficient charge. The other important benefit that has been mentioned by users is that the system is pretty easy to connect up.

What are the downsides to buying this Battery Tender 15 watt Solar Charger?

Some users have complained that while the charge and performance is great for the first months, the system failed to work after around 6 or 7. There does seem to be a mixed response to the longevity of this product, as some have used it with is for years, so perhaps it depends on individual units rather than the design. Others have said that the panel was larger than they expected, which could disrupt some plans, and that the leads could be a bit longer for greater access.

Summary: how does this feedback affect the final verdict on this Battery Tender 021-1165 ?

For some the beauty of this panel is in its simplicity, with just a few wires, a decent waterproof panel and some sunshine, they are able to charge up batteries outside without the need of an extension cord. For others, the appeal goes beyond that to the durability and strong charge in low light.

The Battery Tender solar charger may not have the longevity that some are after, or the lead length, but it can provide a great power solution in many situations and has proven to be reliable when it counts.

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