Sun2Solar Swimming Pool Solar Blanket

Does Simplistic Sun2Solar Swimming Pool Solar Heating Cover Blanket Really Work As Buyers Hope?

Sun2Solar Swimming Pool Solar Heating Cover Blanket ImgThe Sun2Solar Swimming Pool Solar Heating Cover Blanket looks like you are about to cover your pool in bubble wrap. There is a sheet of little round bubbles that are designed to retain heat from the sun, and therefore keep the water beneath at a more pleasant temperature.

All users have to do is put the blanket over the water when they are finished in the pool, let it do its thing, take it off the next day and enjoy the warmer water. It all sounds wonderfully simplistic, but does it work?


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What benefits have users seen with this Sun2Solar Solar Blanket?

The design of this system means that it not only retains solar energy in those bubbles, it stops 95% of water evaporation from the pool. The performance is enhanced by the use of the clear materials and quality of bubbles. A large number of users are impressed with the performance.

The sheet covers the water well with no space for the water too escape and they have noticed that the water is a good few degrees warmer than it normally would be when going back the next day.

Sun2Solar Swimming Pool Solar Heating Cover Blanket 2 ImgAnother of the interesting benefits in this design is the size of the blanket. It is sold as a 16ft x 32ft rectangle, but the makers are fully aware that this isn’t going to fit all pools exactly.

Because it is important to get a snug fit here, it is possible to trim the blanket to the exact size with some care and precision and this won’t affect the warranty.

Users have few concerns in doing this with this model because it is tougher than other models they have previously tried. The resin seems to be strong and while this does make the blanket a little heavier, there are are high hopes for the longevity of the product.

Are there any problems with this Sun2Solar Swimming Pool Blanket that buyers should be aware of?

There are some questions over the choice of colours and cells. Most would assume that this performance seen above shouldn’t alter with the blue version which looks a little nicer on the pool or the diamond cells. But, some feel that the clear option is more effective than the blue.

Something in the transparency of the clear one is just giving it that edge. Most of the lower rated reviews for this model seem to come from those that expected a little more from it in terms of either the ease of use or the temperature generation.

Some are under the impression that it will act like a heater for the pool and increase the pool heat significantly before getting in. Instead, it really is just a heat retention system. There are also those that find it hard to remove from the pool without debris entering the water, but this could be true of many options.

Summary: is the Sun2Solar Solar Bubble Swimming Pool Blanket still recommendable with these issues in mind?

In the end, this does the job that it was built to do, even if some users assumed that it was going to do more. Those that understand the purpose of this blanket should have no problem with it because of the design, the easy fit, the durability of the resin and the reliability in heat retention.

The Sun2Solar solar blanket won’t heat up a pool by 10 degrees during the day, but it will maintain a better temperature and reduce water evaporation.

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