Renogy Foldable Solar Battery Charger Review

Does The Renogy Foldable Solar Battery Charger Live Up To Its Promise Of Solar And Portability?

Renogy Foldable Solar Battery Charger ImgAccording to the sales claims of the Renogy Foldable Solar Battery Charger, “Renogy is excited to bring you solar and portability” with their use of 50w monocrystalline panels, protective casing, 10A grounded charge controller and LCD display.

This suggests that the design is just as important here as the performance so is the suitcase design the star of the show or it is matched by the capabilities for solar power production?



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What benefits have buyers mentioned in their reviews for this Renogy Solar Charger?

Starting with the design, it seems that buyers are more than happy with the size and construction of this Renogy solar panel. The small dimensions and the foldable construction mean that it really is as portable as the manufacturers claim and the folded size of 19.9×27.2×2.8 inches means that it can be safely stored away and carried between locations with little concern.

In addition to this, there are positive comments from users about the solid construction of the cells and case and it has a corrosion resistant stand and heavy duty handle so users can take it out camping and hiking without worrying about damage.

Renogy Foldable Solar Battery Charger 2 ImgWhile this folding design may be the key selling point for many consumers, it seems that the performance and charging capabilities are also a hit.

These German-made cells are designed to offer a high performance in any light condition and provide a reliable source of energy . Despite the fact that some reviewers highlight that it works better in bright sun, there are many users that say it works as advertised and the promises of the specification are replicated in their personal tests.

Campers say that it really is a reliable tool for a long trip and that it has been able to provide enough power for multiple items with a substantial demand – from lighting to fridges and other electronic equipment.

If it really can bring us solar and portability, does this Renogy Foldable Solar Battery Charger have any downsides to be aware of?

There is the sense that even though user-controlled parameters have been included to increase the ability to adapt the product to user needs, there are some design choices that go against any user-friendly nature to a substantial degree.

The first is the fact that it can be difficult to see the LEDs and make the correct settings because of limited viewing angle on the control panel; the second is the way that the control panel is secured to the unit by a large amount of velcro. The latter is an big concern because not only is it time consuming and awkward, in one instance it caused a thumb injury,

Summary: is this Renogy Foldable Charger still recommendable with these flaws in mind?

This charger definitely needs to improve on its ease of use and accessibility in order to avoid these injuries and frustrations and it seems that a few simple adaptations with the control panel would be enough to ensure this.

If the designers can do this then the Renogy solar charger is sure to become a 5 star product because of the way it fulfils all of the other elements of its sales promises – from the efficiency of the charge and the reliability of the power to the portability of the folding design and case.

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