Mighty Mule EZGO-SOLAR Gate Opener

Is The Mighty Mule EZGO-SOLAR Gate Opener Solar Kit Reliable Enough To Be Worthwhile?

Mighty Mule EZGO-SOLAR Gate Opener Solar Kit ImgThe Mighty Mule EZGO-SOLAR Gate Opener Solar Kit is designed to offer the whole package that users need in order to turn their electronic gate into an eco-friendly one.

There is a 5w solar panel, 2 remote controls to activate the mechanism, cable, mounting brackets and an all-in-one control box. The only thing missing is the battery. Does this solar option really work or is it too unreliable?


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What benefits have buyers mentioned in their reviews for this Mighty Mule Gate Opener?

This solar kit is designed to suit a range of single gates up to 16ft long and 550lbs. This means that buyers can use this in a range of situations. The most common application would be for single swing gates at the end of the drive way, with drivers activating the mechanism via the remote control.

Alternatively, it could be used in farmland or private fields for ease of access. This multifunctionality is enhanced by the fact that the small, one-piece control box can fit onto different surfaces. It should work just as well on wooden panel gates as ornamental iron ones.

Mighty Mule EZGO-SOLAR Gate Opener Solar Kit 2 ImgThere are also plenty of positive reviews regarding the performance of this system. For the most part, users seem to have a reliable opener on their hands. Many have found that it responds to the remote when asked and can be used several times a day without hesitation or fault.

This suggests that the electronic set-up is sound and the panel works well enough to provide adequate power. On the other hand, there are those that have noticed some glitches in the responses that don’t always allow for a smooth motion. It it not the fastest motion in the world, but it usually works.

What are the potential downsides with this Mighty Mule Gate Opener Solar Kit?

Mighty Mule also promise that the nature of the kit means that it is a simple DIY installation. There is no need for an electrician or difficult welding because everything bolts on with ease. In theory, buyers should find that it is quick and easy. Those that have difficulties have the added benefit of the interactive DVD for guidance.

The problem is that while some users have this up and working in an hour, others have been left struggling due to a lack of parts. Some felt that the hardware included was not always compatible for their needs. Others had trouble determining the right type of battery to add to the set-up. The additional issue for some owners is that if they have a double gate on their property, they need to go through the whole process again with a second purchase.

Summary: how does this feedback affect the verdict on the EZGO-SOLAR Gate Opener Kit?

There are some important issues for buyers to be aware of regarding the installation and motion. When the system works as it should, there are many happy users appreciating the electronic opener and reliable response. The problem is that this response is not guaranteed and the assembly issues don’t always help.

The Mighty Mule gate opener solar kit does have a lot going for it in terms of its environmental credentials, the performance and the components used. It has different functions, a straightforward approach and a fairly reliable motion. The appeal ultimately depends on the gate you own and the response you are looking for.

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