KISAE HS800 Home Solar Kit Review

Does The KISAE HS800 Home Solar Kit Really Offer Reliable Solar Power In A Compact Appliance?

KISAE HS800 Home Solar Kit ImgThe KISAE HS800 Home Solar Kit is an interesting new product from KISAE that combines a built-in battery, AC charger, solar charge converter and transfer switch to produce 800w of output power via a compact device.

This solar charging system comes with the promise that it is just as suitable outdoors as it is indoors, suggesting that there is great versatility to the product for different situations. Is this the case or is it actually quite limited?


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What benefits have buyers appreciated with this KISAE HS800?

As suggested, this can be taken to a camp site as a reliable way of storing solar generated power and there are the two AC outlets and a USB outlets for different devices. Buyers have been impressed with the way that it handle cold temperatures and continues to provide a good performance in the colder months, which gives them a lot of hope that it will continue to be of even greater worth in the summer. KISAE also say that this is ideal for indoor use – in storage spaces or RVs perhaps – because of the simple design and lack of noise.

KISAE HS800 Home Solar Kit 2 ImgWherever this product is used, the important thing for buyers is that it is able to hold a lot of power and provide enough charge to meet their needs over long periods. Most seem to agree that this is the case, with a lot of buyers suggesting that this model can hold enough power to charge small electronics for hours.

There are limits to what this model can do, and it is not going to be able to provide enough power for a fridge or an air conditioning unit, but users have been able to power the lights, their laptops and phones and other smaller items with relative ease.

Are there any disadvantages to this KISAE HS800 Home Solar Charger?

As you can see, there are some limitations to what the product can do, but the majority of buyer reports on the performance seem to be pretty positive. There are always going to be comments about faulty merchandise, but most buyers say that this system works effectively.

There are three aspects that new users need to consider, however. First, there are no solar panels with this system, it is merely designed to accompany the ones you have. Second, buyers are recommended to charge the system up to full for 48 hours before the first use. Third, the manual does not explain the monitor very well.

Summary: is this KISAE Solar Panel Kit still a highly recommendable option?

The small scale operation of this product could be an issue for some users, and that is why many potential buyers are urged to be consider their needs before buying this charging unit. What it does, it does well. The unit offers a reliable charge for the right items and is seen by many as a great back up power supply in emergency situations. If it sounds like it suits your needs, you are prepared to pay extra for the panels and are happy to wrestle with the manual a bit, this KISAE HS800 could prove to be a great choice.

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