Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Solar Lantern

Does The Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern Provide Enough Light And Power For Camping?

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Solar Lantern ImgThe Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Solar Lantern is a solar powered device that is designed to be an ideal 2-in-1 tool for campers. All they have to do is simply connect it to a solar panel system and either turn the crank for light or plug in their electronic gadgets.

There are two main functions with this “lighthouse”: it is designed to be a convenient power hub to help campers stay connected and it is meant to act as a useful lantern. Are both options being provided in a beneficial way, or are there problems with this portable, solar item?


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What benefits have users appreciated after testing out the abilities of this Goal Zero Lantern?

Starting with the idea of this being a power hub for electronics, this device is designed to charge tablets and phone via a USB connection which the promise of a 2.5-28 hour run time. Most buyers seem to be impressed with the battery life and charging capabilities of this device, with some pointing out that it arrived fully charged and they did not need to re-charge it until a week later.

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Solar Lantern 2 ImgThis means that it should provide more than enough power for a camping trip. The other important advantage to choosing this Goal Zero option for remote charging is that it is portable, with folding legs to aid with storage and a fold down handle.

An understandable concern with any product that requires a USB connection or a hand crank to get power is that the final effect won’t be all that impressive. This 250 lumens light seems to do the job as well as buyers would like.

It is not the brightest light in he world, but it lights a path in the darkness and acts as a reading light. Also, should the power levels off the lantern start to get low, there is a brightness adjustment to compensate and potentially increase the running time.

Are there any disadvantages to choosing this Goal Zero Lighthouse over other lighting options?

Firstly, it is important for all buyers to remember that the solar panels required do not come with this model, you have to already own a solar system and be in a position where you are simply adding to your accessories. Another downside that could have an impact on costs and long-term use is that the battery and bulb cannot be replaced once they die.

There is no certainty on the life-span of this model, but it seems that it could be a short-term solution. This is backed up by occasional reports of the hand crank coming off, which suggests that the product isn’t that strong.

Summary: is this Goal Zero Power Hub/Lighthouse still recommendable with these drawbacks in mind?

This lantern/power hub may not be the toughest, most powerful option in the world, but it still provides an interesting power source and lighting solution in one simple, portable product. There are no guarantees that this Goal Zero lantern will last more than a couple of years, but the settings on the lamp and the charging options mean that it should be a helpful tool for a week of camping for anyone that is already into their solar products.

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