All American Sun Oven Review

Is The All American Sun Oven Better Suited To Garden Parties Than Survival Camps?

All American Sun Oven ImgThe All American Sun Oven is an interesting idea for all survivalists that want a portable, well-crafted piece of cooking equipment for the end of the world.

The name All American is important here as it sets the tone for buyers expectations.

This isn’t some cheaply made Chinese option that anyone can get hold of. Instead this is an American made option that promises durability, portability and craftsmanship.

To really emphasise the idea of quality, the makers claim that this is the “world’s most well-respected solar cooking appliance”. Is this claim justifiable?


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What benefits have users appreciated with this All American “Solar Power” Sun Oven ?

Starting with that cooking ability and “solar power”. It is important to remember that this solar cooker requires little but the heat of the sun and a prepared dish of food. This lightweight structure comes together to form a container capable of temperatures between 360-400 Fahrenheit.

The first test for many was to fill the pan with water, put it in the solar oven and wait. Many are impressed with the cooking ability on a range of food items.

Some roast dinners, while others dehydrate fruit and veg for snacks or bake cookies. The process is a little slower than a normal oven, but not enough to warrant a complaint.

All American Sun Oven 2 ImgOf course the whole benefit with the portability angle seems a little offset with all the addition features and aids that come as part of this “preparedness accessory package”.

On its own, the All American solar oven folds down small enough not to be much of a nuisance when on the run in the wilderness somewhere.

There are two loaf pans for baking, two racks for baking and dehydrating and two “easy stack” pots. The stackable nature of the items does help, and they do offer a greater variety of cooking options for all those out in the bush.

There is also an e-cookbook that owners can use to look up recipes – as long as they still have power for their tablet at the campsite.

Are there any issues with this All American Sun Oven according to user reviews?

The vast majority of users are very happy with their experiences and give this 5 stars, this is mostly down to the surprise at the oven actually cooking real food with minimal effort. There are others that see past this novelty aspect and the fun of experimentation to the long term worth of the product.

It is interesting that some mark the oven down for the quality of this all-American construction. They feel that the oven is overpriced and a little risky with the quality of the joins and presence of dents. Then there are those that nearly set fire to their decking due to the heat.

Summary: how does this affect the verdict on this All American Preparedness Sun Oven ?

In the end, there are many people that will love this solar cooker because of the novelty of the situation, the versatility in cooking options and quality of accessories.

The important thing to remember here is that this is viewed more as a fun item for the garden or campsite (in a non-flammable area) rather than a piece of survivalist kit. With a little more care in the construction, the All American solar oven could be both.

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