Abba Patio Solar Powered Aluminum Umbrella

Does The Solar Aspect Of The Abba Patio Solar Powered Aluminum Umbrella Make A Positive Difference?

Abba Patio Solar Powered Aluminum Umbrella ImgParasols can be great additions to a patio when they are functional, which is why the multi-functional Abba Patio Solar Powered Aluminum Umbrella is so appealing. There are a number of elements to this freestanding umbrella.

There is an aluminium and steel frame with a crank lift, a colour-fast polyester canopy for shade and a series of solar-powered LED lights with simple manual controls. There is a lot on offer here within this parasol, but does it all work?


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What benefits have buyers seen with this Abba Aluminum Umbrella?

The main function of this parasol is ultimately to keep the sun and showers away from family members as they are using the furniture. This product seems to do a great job in this respect because it is easy to set up when required and the canopy covers the whole patio nicely. The canopy measures 7×9 feet and is designed to be perfect for a table with 4-6 chairs. There is the additional benefit here that the umbrella has a tilt mechanism so that it can be adjusted as the sun moves to provide maximum coverage.

The aspect of this umbrella that receives the most praise, however, is the lighting. The use of 28 solar powered lights is a nice touch because it provides simple illumination beneath the canopy and makes the product even more attractive.

Buyers already loved the brick-red color and shape so this is a massive bonus. Users are impressed with the strength of these lights. Not only do they provide a good, bright light, they stay on for a long time. The specification claims that they can last for 9-12 hours and some buyers have left them on all night with no diminishing effects.

Are there any downsides to this Abba Patio Solar Aluminum Umbrella that hold it back?

Abba Patio Solar Powered Aluminum Umbrella 2 ImgThere is one clear problem with this product that has been addressed in a number of user reviews – it simply isn’t strong enough. This product has an aluminum frame with a heavy gauge powder and 8 steel ribs. It seems sturdy when it is set up, but the slightest breeze can move it.

This means that it cannot be used on a windy day and cannot be left out at night. One buyer left it out during a strong gales and lived to regret it. The product is designed to stay outdoors because it has that rust-free coating, but it just isn’t practical.

Summary: how does this feedback affect the final verdict for this Abba Illuminated Patio Umbrella?

There is a clear problem with this parasol. If buyers were able to leave it out full time and it was strong enough to handle the wind then this would be a 5 star product for many gardens. The problem is that many users may not have the patience to take it in every night.

The Abba Patio solar umbrella still has a lot going for it because it is attractive, functional and more interesting than other umbrellas with those solar lights. A stronger frame is all it needs to be perfect.

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