Windy Nation Complete 400 Watt Solar Panel Kit – Go Off Grid

Can The Windy Nation Complete 400 Watt Solar Panel Kit Really Help Buyers Go Off-Grid?

Windy Nation Complete 400 Watt Solar Panel Kit ImgThe number of parts in the Windy Nation Complete 400 Watt Solar Panel Kit is substantial but the main features to note are the 4 100w polycrystalline solar panels and the 30 amp charger and the idea that it is suitable for homes, RVs, cabins and boats.

There are two key points that are repeated in product descriptions and specification for this system and they that it is “complete” and that it is the “perfect kit for an off-grid 12 volt battery system”. This suggests that buyers will not need to look anywhere else to take themselves off the grid and will find an ideal, reliable power source: is this the case or have the promises been overblown?


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What benefits have buyers seen after choosing this Windy Nation 400W Solar Panel Kit as their power source?

One buyer starts their review by saying that they are exceedingly happy with their purchase and this state of mind seems to apply to the majority of owners that have written reviews. Part of this satisfaction is due to the amount of power and help that this small solar kit can offer; the idea of it powering a full 30ft camper and even a full farm is far more than many buyers would probably have expected from it, even with all those “off-grid” tags.

Windy Nation Complete 400 Watt Solar Panel Kit 2 ImgThere is the definite implication here that buyers really do have everything they need in this kit to ensure a reliable power supply for all their powers need. On that note, buyers have praised the all-inclusive nature of the kit and said that nothing at all was missing. This includes all the necessary cables, inverters, the mounting hardware and even a remote control.

Does this Windy Nation Complete 400 Watt Solar Panel System have any flaws in its design or function that buyers have pointed out in their reviews?

At the time of writing, Amazon reviews for this model were limited but incredibly high, with a final rating of 4.8 out of 5. Naturally, this means that there are very few criticisms that have been made.

One refers to the instructions and the lack of direction regarding the installation of the fuses, suggesting that the designers expect buyers to have more knowledge of the parts they are using than is actually the case. Other than that, the only complaint is that some are having to buy extra storage batteries because of the system’s effectiveness.

Summary: does this mean that the Windy Nation Complete Solar Panel Kit is wholeheartedly recommended for purchase?

The success and power of this kit seems to have come as a great surprise to many users if some are looking to store the extra power and this is by no means a simple kit for a bit of extra power. The amazing thing with this system is that people really are using it on an ongoing basis to power their homes and their lives rather than as an occasional source.

The fact that it offers the parts, quality and reliability for them to do this long-term means that it is impossible not to recommend this Windy Nation solar kit to anyone else looking to find alternative power sources and perhaps go off the grid permanently.

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