Go Power Solar Extreme Complete Solar and Inverter System

Is The Go Power Solar Extreme Complete Solar and Inverter System Really The Complete Package?

Go Power Solar Extreme Complete Solar and Inverter System ImgThe idea of powering a whole cabin for weeks with a green energy source, without ever having to worry about low power or using too many appliances at once, may seem out of reach to some consumers but it is exactly what is being promised with the Go Power Solar Extreme Complete Solar and Inverter System.

It has a 480w charging kit, 3000w inverter and simply requires a 400 amp battery bank. The selling point of this kit is the fact that it is a “complete solar kit” with everything that buyers will need to get themselves hooked up and start powering their cabins and RVs with solar power.

Is this the full package and does this mean that it is a helpful product or too complicated for newcomers?

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What benefits have buyers appreciated when testing out the capabilities of this Go Power Complete System?

There are a number of clever features added to this kit to ensure that it is powerful enough for user needs and reliable enough for those long camping trips and one such features is the way that it boosts the batteries for quick burst of energy for night time storage.

Go Power Solar Extreme Complete Solar and Inverter ImgThe amount of power that has been generated in optimal conditions has impressed many RV users that can now use appliances and lighting to their heart’s content and almost forget about the system providing it.

What makes this system even more impressive in the eyes of many users is the fact that is is able to provide all of this while remaining quite small and simple – even though it is advertised as being the largest solar and inverter system that the company offer..

There is no complicated set-up process for this electrical system, with many buyers saying that they did it all themselves with a little time and patience, and it is not too cumbersome, even if the inverter is a little larger than expected.

Are there any problems being mentioned in reviews for this Go Power Solar Extreme Complete Solar & Inverter System?

As things stand with the Amazon reviews for this solar kit, there is definitely a mixed reaction to its abilities. There are those giving 5 stars and saying that it provides everything that they need but there are also those that wish it did more. In some cases the panels just simply did not power enough power for the situation and buyers have had to expand upon it or wait for the inverter to supply enough juice to their power-hungry appliances.

Summary: does the positive feedback outweigh the negative to ensure that the Go Power Solar Extreme System with 480 Watts of Solar Charging Kit is still recommendable.

There is the definite sense from user reviews of this product that it has exceeded the expectations of most buyers. Where cheaper systems once meant that they could just about use one device at a time, this small, powerful system lets them do pretty much whatever they want.

There will always be situations where a system like this is not quite adequate, and there are those deliberately stating that this is a starting point for new users, but there is still enough potential in the panels and the technology of this Go Power solar system to impress a lot of people that want reliable power off-grid.

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