Go Power! GP-PSK-120 120W Portable Folding Solar Kit

Is The Go Power GP-PSK-120 120W Portable Folding Solar Kit A Good Option For Campers?

Go Power GP-PSK-120 120W Portable Folding Solar Kit ImgThere are many different methods and products available for restarting a dead battery, but the idea of charging them from a solar panel like the Go Power GP-PSK-120 120W Portable Folding Solar Kit – one that folds out and is ready to charge them up within minutes, is a little different. This solar controller claims to offer 120 watts of 6.7 ampere DC power every hour via its wide panels and the cables and clamps to make restarting batteries quick and easy. This solar system is designed to be powerful, reliable, convenient and portable but how many of those important boxes have been ticked according to the feedback form buyers? >>See current price here<<

How advantageous has this Go Power Folding Solar Kit been for buyers?

One of the main promises with this Go Power! Solar kit is that it offers a “quick and simple setup” for solar power generation on the go, with ease. It definitely appears to be the case that buyers have this up and running pretty quickly because there is a “plug and play” simplicity to the design and the manual is also pretty helpful. GP-PSK-120 120W Portable Folding Solar Kit Accessories ImgThis idea of portability is then enhanced by the fact that it folds up and there is the inclusion of the carry case for safely transporting it from site to site. The case may be a tight fit for some but it means that the system can be a useful part of many camping trips. The other important aspect to this kit of course is the power output and the functionality for charging those dead batteries. The system promises to provide plenty of juice and has a built-in 10 ampere solar controller to help the process. It may not look like it should be capable of much but there are many enthusiastic reports from buyers that have tried this product out on their dead RV batteries while camping and restarted it with little trouble.

Are there any potential problems with this Go Power 120W Portable Folding Solar System? As with all products like this, not everything is perfect about it and there are issues with the design and the durability where buyers would like to see some improvements made. Most of the reports suggest that these panels are pretty strong and could survive a fall but then there are those that mention the corners snapping off or the rust forming on some of the metalwork. Others mention the fact that it is a little hard to read the display because of its position on the device and that the LEDs cannot be seen very well in bright sunlight – the ideal conditions for getting this product to work.

Summary: is this Go Power 120W Portable Kit still recommendable with all of this in mind? There are areas with the construction and design where improvements could be made in order to give buyers greater confidence about using this in all situations; however, this shouldn’t detract from the positive feedback too much because there are still plenty of benefits being seen. The Go Power solar is seen by many as a great starting point for getting into solar panel charging before moving on to bigger and better systems and the simplicity of the set-up, ease of use, reliable results and great portability mean that it should impress many campers. Find more reviews about the Go Power GP-PSK-120 120W Portable Folding Solar Kit on Amazon  here.