ECO-WORTHY Wind Mono Solar Kit

Is The Dual Function Of The ECO-WORTHY 12V 560W Wind Mono Solar Kit Really That Helpful?

ECO-WORTHY 12V 560W Wind Mono Solar Kit ImgThe ECO-WORTHY 12V 560W Wind Mono Solar Kit is a system with a lot of apparent potential for those looking to go off grid in a more efficient manner. Not only is there a 12V 160w monocrystalline solar panel to connect up to the MC4 connector, there is also a 12V/24V 400w wind turbine.

These pieces should come together to provide a strong system for effective power generation. The idea of a dual-function green energy system is appealing for many reasons, but does this product deliver as it should?


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ECO-WORTHY 12V 560W Wind Mono Solar Kit Includes:

  • 12V/24V 400 Watt Wind Turbine Generator x 1pc
  • 12V 160 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel x 1pc
  • 24cm Cable with MC4 Connector

What benefits have buyers highlighted when talking about this ECO-WORTHY 12V 560W Green Energy Kit?

Naturally, many happy buyers are keen to talk about the impressive power generation received by having both the wind turbine and the solar panel in one system. This combination has allowed for significant increases in electricity production in some areas. The powerful solar panel provides plenty of power to the system during the day and the wind turbine is reliable enough to top everything up at night.

ECO-WORTHY 12V 560W Wind Mono Solar Kit 2 ImgThere is the sense that there is a back up system in place that other systems lack. In addition to the strong power generation, there is also praise for the construction and other details of each element.

These components are built to last, with salt corrosion resistance, and there are hopes of longevity. There is also the benefit of the integrated automatic braking system. This all provides additional peace of mind for those new to the set up.

What drawbacks should buyers keep in mind when considering this ECO-WORTHY 12V/560W Wind Mono Solar Hybrid Power Kit for their solar needs?

The first thing to note with this set-up is that it is not the complete package for energy generation. The components offered by be well-made and functional in their own right, but buyers need to get other options to complete the solar power system. Thankfully, Eco-Worthy don’t try to hide this and make a clear suggestion on what else users need.

This is 14awg electric cables to connect the generators to the controller and a battery to store the power. Then there are those left confused by the instructions for the controller settings. The company spent a long time explaining the physical connections and wiring, but not the additional functions. An improved manual would help here.

Summary: what does this all mean when recommending this ECO-WORTHY 12V 560W Wind and Solar Power Kit to new users?

There are buyers that are going to love this hybrid wind and solar system a lot. This is because of that interesting combination of power generation options and the quality of the pieces. There is no doubt that those that use this with the right additional components in the right area can get some great results.

However, there are still those that need to spend more money for a full package. There is more work involved in this system than some may like. Those looking for a simple plug and play all-in-one solar and wind system need to keep looking. Those prepared to put the work in with this ECO-WORTHY solar kit and find the extra elements will enjoy the benefits.

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